Ervin Mazor

Entrepreneur, investor, e-commerce expert

About Me

I'm Ervin Mazor

I am a software engineer by profession. I have managed small and large software houses, and I am behind large projects such as Domino's Pizza, WOBI, Shlomo Sisket, Moses, Channel 9, iJump and many others.

It all started 22 years ago when my spouse, who was marketing advertising products, came to me with the demand to develop a digital catalog system for her that she could send to clients before the meeting instead of sitting and looking through a lot of catalogs together and actually spending a lot of time on each client. Using the catalog I developed for her at the time, instead of meeting 2-3 clients a day (and not always closing because the client also needs time to think) she met 5-6 clients a day and her number of closings increased. Today I use the knowledge I gained to help small and medium business owners take their first steps in the worlds of eCommerce.

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